We envisage success for those who use our service.

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PT. Kalpa Giri

PT. Kalpa Giri was founded in 1995 in Jakarta, Indonesia that is focused on medical, educational, and other services for customers in Indonesia and outside Indonesia.


We always focus on our customer needs and provide the excellence in our business. We strive to sustain growth and market leadership through innovation and creation. We will aim to increase our standards by providing the best quality and cost-effective products to our customers. We always aim the best future for our clients who use our service.


Service is the most where we value our relationship with customers and business partners.
Teamwork is encouraged where we empower and support employees and customers.
Respect by appreciating and valuing each other.
Integrity where reliable professional service is offered.
Value by respecting and honouring for the commitments made.
Excellence in creating and developing the organisation to serve its customers.


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